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MISSION: Encouraging kids to get in the race and ZOOM in high gear with Jesus! (Acts 20:24)


TURBO Kids MiniStries
AGES 0-12


  • NURSERY (0-1) Available Sunday mornings during service and Wednesdays during classes
  • TURBO TOTS (2-4 years of age) Preschool/Kindergarten version of the TURBO Kids Church.
  •  TURBO KIDS CHURCH (1st-6th grades) After the song portion of our morning worship service, children are excused to their classrooms, where they will experience the presence of the Lord in a fun, kid-style atmosphere. Skits, puppets, activities and games, Bible quiz, songs, etc!  


  • NURSERY is available ages 0-3 - 7-8:30 pm
  • TURBO Tots  - ages 4-5 - 7- 8:30 pm
  • TURBO Kids  - ages 6- 9 

     7- 7:30 pm- supervised gym time
     7:30- 8:30 - lesson, craft, prayer and worship time

  • TURBO Kids - ages 10-12

      7-7:30 pm - small group lesson time
      7:30- 8:30 pm - Supervised open gym


ZOOM OUTREACH (6-11 years of age)

Kids practice songs, skits, etc. and take these outside of the church to bless others in nursing homes, parks, etc. Because it is important to have a strong bond with those you minister with, this ministry also spends time hanging out and building relationships (hikes, pool parties, etc.)!